CINEFOCUS is a meeting place for scientists and experts from different fields and a locus of multidisciplinary exchange about conceptions of food production and consumption.

Festival guests and visitors participate in lectures given by international experts and discussions on different aspects of food: gastronomic, artistic, social, ethnological, and philosophical. The lectures are always paired with thematically connected film screenings and tastings of delicious dishes. The overall experience is a feast for all the senses.

The Cinefocus section had the pleasure and honour to host:

Julien Floch, baker
Xavier Hamon
, chef
Hrvoje Katušić
, priest
Eugenio Signoroni
, Slow Food expert for craft beers
Helen Kranstauber i Janno Lanjouw
, Amsterdam Food Film Festival
Milan Vasić
, caterer
Ana-Marija Bujić
, caterer and writer
Eugenio Berra
, ecoactivist and adventurer
Anton Prenga
, chef
David Skoko
, chef
Ivan Zidar, chef
Ida Skoko, video maker
Antonio Dell'Olio, Libera Terra
Frano Miloš, organic wine producer
Boyana Ratcheva, chef "Foodies"
Boris Tassev, chef "Foodies"
Michele Rumiz, Slow Food
Sunčana Pešak, ZMAG
Ivo Đivanović, miller
Fanito Žuvela, olive oil producer
Zlatko Gall, journalist, rock critic and gastronome
Ranko Tadić, UNDP expert for organic agriculture
Srđan Stanković, founder of Supernatural movement
Ivana Orešić, journalist, writer
Nicola Ferrero, Slow Food movement
Thomas Struck, director of Kulinarisches Kino (Berlinale)
Tanja Kocković Zaborski, ethnologist
Veljko Barbieri, writer, gastronome
Željana Ančić, chef
Ivan Vigjen, art historian and archeologist
Dubravko Vukas, wine producer
Ivo Orešković, archivist and wine producer