Slow Food Central Europe project meeting took place on March 6 and 7 2019 in Brno, Check Republic. The partners on the project coming from four cities (Kecskemet, Krakow, Venice and Dubrovnik) joined the hosts in Brno in order to present to date results of the project as well as to make arrangements for 2019.

On the first day of the meeting each partner city presented its own detailed pilot action as well as the stages of its realization. In the name of the City of Dubrovnik Ivo Kara-Pesic, the Project Manager of the NGO Kinookus, explained the origins and the development of the idea of Multimedia edible exhibition. Under the title “City Feeders” the topic was the gastro-cultural heritage of the region of Dubrovnik. It is an action aiming to draw the citizens’ attention as well as that of the local authorities to the gastro-cultural heritage as an exceptionally important part of the identity of the local community as well as to show that its preserving is of extreme importance in refference to the challenges that the cities are being exposed by the climatic changes and global economic dynamics.

Mr Lubor Jusko from Joint Secretariat of Interreg Central Europe attended the presentation of the Pilot Actions. He said that this meeting was a perfect example showing how transnational cooperation can lead to real changes in the citizens’ lives of the five cities of Central Europe, not only through the promotion of Slow Food principles but also through valorisation and preservation of gastro-cultural heritage.

On the second day of the meeting a Forum was organized for local stakeholders where they exchanged ideas, inovations and experiences. The purpose of this forum was to make a joint plan of transnational strategy. The project team from Dubrovnik presented the idea of food as a link between the tangible and intangible cultural heritage which attracted great attention of the public.

The Pilot action in the frame of Slow Food Central Europe in Dubrovnik will be realizerd by the development agency DURA and the NGO Kinookus in cooperation with the Natural Science Museum in Dubrovnik. The exhibition is planned for October 2019 when the next partnership meeting will take place