By procuring a digital DCP projector within the framework of the European project CINE - Cinema Communities for Innovation, Networks and Environment - financed by the European Union, in the Summer Cinema Sutivan a local cultural hub was inaugurated. It is envisaged as a place of social gatherings and strategic thinking about the most important topics of the 21st century: the relationship between our way of life and the planet’s destiny

Sutivan, Saturday, 24th July 2021 – Association Kinookus with the support of the Municipality Sutivan equipped the Summer Cinema Sutivan with a brand-new, digital DCP projector achieving one of the main goals of the European project CINE: digitalization of this precious gathering place for cinema and arts enthusiasts. The first film screened by using the new projector was the occasion to inaugurate the cultural hub where different cultural programmes will be held in the future.

The President of the Association Kinookus, Ivo Kara-Pešić, in his welcome note reminded the audience about all the activities planned within the framework of the project CINE emphasizing that the formula that combines screenings with tastings and debating events mirrors the multidisciplinary approach of Slow Food that is going to be the main framework of all the future activities of the centre.

Kara-Pešić then gave the floor to the Mayor of the Sutivan Municipality, Ranko Blažević, who thanked the Association Kinookus for their contribution to the cultural life of Sutivan and Brač, and pointed out that launching of the cultural hub and its programme has been the result of an outstanding cooperation between the Municipality and the Association:

“The arrival of the digital DCP projector in Sutivan places our small town on a large cinema map of Croatia and Europe. The digitalization of the cinema and launching of the cultural hub are just the beginnings of an extensive reconstruction of the Kavanjin Masion with which we want to turn Sutivan into a centre of cultural life of the entire Island of Brač.

After the Mayor Ines Vasiljević, a film producer and one of the founders of the Association Kinookus, that initiated the idea of the local cinema digitalisation, spoke to the audience.

“I saw my first films in this magical place, and to a large part I owe my profession to the Summer Cinema Sutivan. This space has been through some turbulent times, but in spite of all the difficulties it has never closed its doors. For that we have to thank one man’s unbelievable persistence and zeal – Valerio Radmilović”. Her words dedicated to this man from Sutivan, who has been organising programmes in the local cinema for the last twenty years, received a big round of applause from the audience.

The digitalization of the cinema and launching of the cultural centre were marked by a special screening of the film “I am Greta” by the Swedish director Nathan Grossman and for the Sutivan audience that was an opportunity to see it before its official distribution in the Croatian cinemas. While announcing the film Kara-Pešić pointed out that this screening was the result of an excellent cooperation between the Association Kinookus and distribution company Restart. The film screening, as defined under the CINE night formula, was accompanied by Dalmatian produce and wine tasting.

The Cinema communities for Innovation, Networks and Environment (CINE) project is funded by the European Union and coordinated by Slow Food. As well as the French Mobile Film Festival, and the Croatian association Kinookus, the other partners are the Associazione Cinemambiente, the Cinema Boaro in Ivrea (province of Turin), the Cinema Vittoria in Bra (province of Cuneo) and the City of Cherasco (province of Cuneo) in Italy.