Bota velika vijest

The programme of the second evening of the CINE project at the Sutivan Open Air Cinema hosted a permaculture architect Hrvoje Bot and a screening of the film "Kiss The Ground". The audience could hear how this architect and permaculture designer from Split encountered regenerative agriculture, what projects his social enterprise Održivo has been implementing, and what his permaculture farm looks like, whose fruits the audience got to taste. The conversation was followed by a screening of the film “Kiss the Earth” directed by Rebecca Harrell Tickell and Josh Tickell. It is one of those works that profoundly changes the viewer's view of the burning problem of our time - climate change. The realization that we have been employing agriculture for millennia in a way that impoverishes the soil and causes desertification prompted an interesting discussion after the screening of the film, which was moderated by Ivo Kara-Pešić, the president of the Kinookus association.

The Cinema Communities for Innovation, Networks and Environment (CINE) project is funded by the European Union and coordinated by Slow Food. As well as the French MobilEvent, and the Croatian association Kinookus, the other partners are the Associazione Cinemambiente, the Cinema Boaro in Ivrea (Province of Turin), the Cinema Vittoria in Bra (Province of Cuneo) and the City of Cherasco (Province of Cuneo) in Italy.