ivica velika

The guest of the last, eighth evening of the CINE program in the Sutivan Open Air Cinema was Ivica Elez, an ecological beekeeper from Kaštel Kambelovac, near Trogir. With Ivica we talked about how he started beekeeping, how coexistence with these wonderful creatures looks like and what it means to produce honey in an organic way. The audience was especially interested in where Ivica takes bees to graze and what honey is good for when it comes to human health. Visitors had the opportunity to taste honey from the production of Ivica's family farm.

Apsis mellifera (honey bee) appeared on Earth 60 million years ago and the survival of mankind depends on its survival. Bees are pollinators of 80% of plant species and without them fruits and vegetables could disappear from the face of the Earth. For twenty years, bee communities have been mysteriously disappearing all over the world. Should we blame pesticides or parasites like varroa? New viruses? An increase in electromagnetic waves affecting magnetic nano parts in bee bellies?

The Swiss Oscar nominee, the film 'More than Honey', tries to answer some of these questions in the most detailed scientific and visual analysis of bee communities so far. Using micro-cameras and long-term shooting inside the hives, it approaches the behavior of bees, more than the naked eye a beekeeper can see. The documentary hit, which has been seen by 130,000 viewers in France alone, is not only about bees, but above all about ourselves. Einstein once said: "If bees disappear from the planet, humanity will extinct in 4 years."