radmila velika

In eastern Bosnia, in the vicinity of Bratunac, in an area that was badly damaged in the war, in 2003 a group of people decided to make the agricultural cooperative "Insieme" (Together) against any logic of nationalisms making all the divisions meaningless. Their love for the land has borne fruit that has secured the cooperative respect and numerous accolades. Through the memories and daily work of the members of the cooperative, the film “Dert” weaves the historical and social context in which this wonderful experience of concrete peacemaking has matured.

The guest of the seventh evening of the CINE project at the Sutivan Open Air Cinema was Radmila Žarković, one of the founders and spiritus movens of the Insieme cooperative, with whom we talked about the therapeutic impact of agriculture, the role of women in the cooperative and Bosnian society. We sweetened the conversation with jams and juices from the production of the cooperative Insieme.