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REGENERATION — traveling agro-cinema on the island of Brač!

As part of the European project CINE, five places on the island of Brač, where there are no cinema halls, will be visited by the travelling “agro-cinema”: five screenings of documentary films will be an occasion to reflect on the necessity of transition to regenerative agriculture

CINE Cinema Communities for Innovation, Networks and Environmentis a two-year European project whose main objective is to bring film to places that do not have a cinema hall or whose cinemas face closure. At the same time, the role of cinema halls as cultural and social centres in which new generations of film audiences will be developing is to be strengthened. The program's emphasis has been placed on Slow Food's theme of the relationship between food production and the future of the planet.

The CINE project, which was extended until the end of October 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, achieved great results in the previous year: a workshop of making a short film by using a mobile phone was successfully held, Sutivan Summer Cinema was digitized and the program “Kinookus in Sutivan Summer Cinema” was organized.

At the workshop of making a short film by using a mobile phone, the educators from the French partner, Mobile Film Festival, trained the participants how to develop, shoot and edit a one-minute film exclusively using a mobile phone. The participants also mastered the basics of film theory: from the use of film language and the way of storytelling, to developing the initial idea for the film into a script, storyboard and finally a short one-minute film.

The biggest achievement of the project in 2021 was certainly the acquisition of a digital DCP projector for Sutivan Summer Cinema. The digitization enabled high quality of projections which was a prerequisite for the implementation of the program “Kinookus in Sutivan Summer Cinema”: The 8 screenings of documentary films were accompanied by eight meetings with tastings, on topics essential for the future of our planet: regenerative agriculture, waste reduction, biodynamic farming, the importance of bees for the planet, the role of agricultural cooperatives in war-torn areas.

In 2022, the program of the CINE project envisages a travelling cinema that will bring films on the topic of regenerative agriculture as a tool for mitigating the effects of climate change into 5 places on the island of Brač, where there are no cinema halls. Each screening will be an occasion to talk with the locals who are witnessing increasingly extreme climate conditions year after year. The screenings will be organised throughout July, August and September.

In the second half of August, a workshop will be organized for primary and secondary school students during which the educators, who participated in the first training in 2021, will transfer their knowledge and experience in developing, shooting and editing a one-minute film to young people. The topic that young people will address in their short films will be the relationship between the pandemic and nature.

The promoter of the CINE project - Cinema Communities for Innovation, Networking and Environment is Slow Food (Italy), and the partners are: Cinemabiente (Italy), Boaro Cinema and Cinema Vittorija (Italy), Municipality of Cherasco (Italy), Mobile Film Festival (France) and Kinookus (Croatia) with the support of the Municipality of Sutivan, the tourist Board of the Sutivan Municipality and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Republic of Croatia. The project is funded by the pilot project of the European Commission (Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology) “Cinemas as Innovation Hubs for Local Communities”.