Dubrovnik landscape presents itself as a restricted but perfect area between the sea and the hills and is no doubt, one of the main elements that has defined the architectural and urban heritage of Dubrovnik. As part of nature the landscape was very present in the studies concerning urban planning and therefore “reading” the landscape was for Dubrovnik urban planners and architects one of the most important components in urban (town) development strategies.

Strenghtening the awareness of the importance of landscape throughout history as well as at present, the cultural heritage defined by it was preserved and can be preserved in our time (as for examle the pre-Rromanesque chapels on the Elafites, the summer villas in Rijeka Dubrovacka etc). Through lectures, public debates and educational excursions and workshops the project aims to inform the citizens about the values of natural and cultural landscape of Dubrovnik.This would help to raise the consciousness of the broader public – especially the young - (not only professionals) about the importance of the landscape in defining and preserving of cultural heritage.

The main objective of the project is to make the broader public aware of the importance of recognizing and preserving the values of the ambiance of Dubrovnik architectural and urban heritage as well as through education obtain that the citizens become more perceptive of the need to preserve the cultural heritage. It is of utmost importance that preservation of the heritage is directed upward: from citizenc towards institutions.

This project is concieved in order to stop unplanned “spending” of exceptionally important country sites and spaces that Dubrovnik make DUBROVNIK. A complete loss of these would forever change the identity of the CITY. The expected result of the project is: a more active participation of citizens in the preservation of landscape heritage values, actual submitting of suggestions and initiatives as well as presenting good exaples from other places applicable to Dubrovnik surroundings.