In this age of industrial food production and its global distribution, knowledge about crops of the season as well as how and when to harvest, prepare and enjoy them has been completely lost.

proljece n2Outright consequences of this globally spread situation is the consumption of processed food products of questionable freshness and originating from distant countries. Nature with its wisely conceived cycles gives us through vegetable and fruit all the ingredients necessary for us in each season.

The project Spring in My Herbarium led by the NGO Kinookus includes educating the students of the Elementary School Marin Drzic in Dubrovnik on issues such as healthy nutrition, fruit and vegetables of the season as well as on local gastronomic culture and traditional cuisine.

In this particular herbarium made by the students themselves, students will keep dried leaves and flowers of plants (fruit-trees, vegetables and herbs). They will have to learn their names, be able to recognize them and know the season for picking them. By this project its authors want to teach the students how to recognize the plant, learn how it is grown and prepared. The main objective is to stimulate their curiosity and interest for healthy nutrition based on local products as well as for biodiversity of kultivars and edible wild plants. They will also be encouraged to visit the farms and make excursions in the country.

This initiative has been made possible with the financial support of the KAJO DADIC FOUNDATION.