The organization KINOOKUS,together with other organizations (Zelena Istra, Pravo na grad, Ekoloska udruga Krka, Filmaktiv) is a partner in the project SPACE JUSTICE financed by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The phenomenon of the so called LAND GRABBING (unlawful taking of land) is unfortunately, more and more present in Croatia. In Dubrovnik it is evident in misappropriating and usurpation of public space culminating in the huge project of the golf resort on the mountain Srdj.

The campaign of civil society is aiming to include the citizens in the democratic process of decision making putting a special stress on the procedure of enacting of physical plans as well as on the procedure of land-use change.


All participants in the citizens' campaign against land-grabbing see and understand the correlation existing between the cases they have been dealing with. Yet, the broad public has not recognized the conceptual frame that would put these efforts in the context of social development. 


Public engagement concerning space issues has often been qualified as antagonism to entrepreneurship. We consider it necessary to introduce into Croatian public space justice as a concept integrating issues concerning space management and  social equity. We are talking about a conception that all problems of a society as well as injustice are represented in physical space.