The project “Taste A Different Cinema” stemmed from a desire to offer the people of Dubrovnik and its visitors a different kind of cinematography in a well known summer cinema theater “Slavica” that was about to be closed down.

In a way, it represents a form of rebellion against the predominating Hollywood production distribution consisting mainly of blockbusters, leaving little space for screening of author films. The situation in Dubrovnik has become quite alarming since there aren’t any cinema clubs to educate and inspire young people and further develop audiovisual culture.

Every screening is organized as an event accompanied by a debate, lecture, theme snacks or a meeting with the author(s). In the first year (2013) Kinookus, through its own means, and in cooperation with Dubrovnik Cinemas (Kinematografi Dubrovnik), started a pilot project that has had an excellent response from the public. Almost all films screened were European festival documentaries, which were premieres in Dubrovnik and Croatia and some of them even in the whole Balkan region.

Kinookus also started a campaign titled “A Cinema Revival” within the frame of the project, offering a reduced price of 10 kn for the ticket to young people (age limit 26 y.), in an effort to bring them back to watching films on the big screen and have them live it as a special social and esthetic experience, thus helping them to develop a sensibility for documentaries and art films.