Kinookus is a partner in the project Young European Cinema on the Move financed bu Eu and realized in cooperation with the European Parliament, RIFF Festival in Rome and MEDIT Festival in Ciudadella de Menorca. The project is concieved as a social and cultural event on a European level with the aim of creating a public space for thinking and discussing about Europe as well as motivating the citizens to become involved in European decision making processes.

The project will be carried out from March to September 2014 in Rome (Italy), Ciudadella de Menorca (Spain), Ston and Dubrovnik (Croatia). Through screenings of European films and audiovisual labs for the young as well as public debates with the representatives of European Institutions, the citizens together with the civil society will be involved in the process of considering the future of Europe and its institutions.

These activities are instruments for thinking more deeply about specific issues important for Europe such as gender equality and equal opportunities (Rome), intercultural relations and integration (Spain) as well as food safety (Croatia). The basic element for developing the sense of being affiliated with European ideas is the approaching Europe to the citizens thus enabling them to actively participate in its construction process, introducing them to the functioning of its institutions and recognizing of its values.