Ivan Vigjen


was born in Dubrovnik in 1979 where he finished his primary and secondary school. In 2009 he took a degree in History of Art and Archeology at the Zagreb University (Faculty of Arts and Letters). For excellency in the study of History of Art he was awarded a prize for the year 2009.

At present he is a phd student at the Faculty of Arts and Letters (Zagreb University) working on the subject History of the Preservation of Monuments in Dubrovnik. In the previous period he was dealing mainly with subjects referring to the historical aspect of the preservation of monuments in Dubrovnik as well as with the cultural past of Dubrovnik.

He participated to numerous scientific meetings and is the author of several exhibitions. He also gave lectures on topics concerning Dubrovnik, in Dubrovnik and other places in Croatia. His main interest is the history of preservation of cultural monuments in the XIX and XX century in Dubrovnik; he has been publishing regularly on this subject in scientific and popular magazines. He writes and edit books.

He is a member of the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques,  of the Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society (Branch Office Dubrovnik), of the Society of Dubrovnik Writers as well as of  the Society of Croatian Historians of Art. In Kinookus Association he develops and realizes projects concerning material and non-material heritage. He is the editor and host of the Kinookus Food Film Festival section Nevigjeno (Unseen).