Ivo Kara-Pešić



President and one of the visionaries and founders of the Kinookus association. After receiving a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Turin, he specialized in Environmental Communication at Rome's Institute for marketing and communication Comunika.

He started his professional career in the non-governmental national association for ecotourism, Ecoturismo Italia. After two years with Ecoturismo Italia, he was invited to participate in the start-up project of opening the University of Worcester’s headquarters in Rome, where he served as the head of marketing and a career advisor. His academic profile also includes an MA in e-marketing, graphic and web design obtained at the Institute of Informatics - PC Academy in Rome.

In 2010, Ivo began his PhD in philosophy at the University of Turin’s Laboratory for Ontology. Ivo is engaged in
translating, publishing, design and development of cultural projects. He serves as Kinookus Food Film Festival’s coordinator and edits the Kinofokus section of the festival.