Cineliber is a publishing activity of the Kinookus Association.

Its main objective is publishing reputable authors' works that are of exceptional value to students of film academies as well as to film fans by offering them an opportunity for an insight inzo the latest approaches to the Seventh Art.

The first project within the Kinoliber publishing activity is the translation and publication of the book Manuale del film, Linguaggio, racconto, analisi (Film Manual, Language, Story, Analysis) by Gianni Rondolino and Dario Tomasi.

The book is essential for comprehending all the components of the film language: from the screenplay to the story, from the standpoint of the camera to that of the heroes, from the scene to the movement of the camera, from the editing to the interrelation of the sound and the image. The book contains extensive scene and sequence analyses from films of different genres and styles, belonging to various periods of film history and made by different authors.

By considering the constituent elements of a film, this book efficiently satisfies the need for a more conscientious use of the image that makes the basis of the audiovisual communication dominant in the modern society.

About the book

Gianni Rondolino and Dario Tomasi's book has had seven editions in Italy an is undoubtedly, one of the most popular film manuals. it has a simple schematic structure intended for  studying of film, its language, its methods and different approaches to narration analyses. Four out of five chapters are dedicated to the film universe: screenplay,cut, photography, sound. Since every film is a result of certain decisions, therefore unique, and at the same time it can be analyzed in accordance with the common criteria. The book provides the basics for the study of film subjects.


Gianni Rondolino has conducted classes in Film History and Critics at the University of Turin; he is the author of many essays: La Storia del cinema (The History of Film, 2006), as well as the biographies of Luchino Visconti (2003) and Roberto Rosselini (2006).

Dario Tomasi has been conducting lectures on Film History and Critics at the University of Turin. He is an expert in Oriental cinema on which he has written several essays. He is the author of Lezioni di regia (Lessons on Film Directing,2004) and as the co-author with Mario Della Gassa, he has written Cinema e l'Estremo Oriente (Cinema and the Far East) .