Vlaho Kisić


Born in Dubrovnik where he graduated at the Catering School – course: waiter. In 1992 he enrolled at the Faculty of Economics. He worked as a bread-maker and waiter/caterer.

Owner of the company Kiko butiga d.o.o. for bread-making, catering and trade. In 2006 he established the archery club Sagitta Libera. In 2007 he passed the exam for the archery team leader and participated in the organisation of the European FIELD Archery Championship in Bjelovar.

Vlaho is a descendant of an old Dubrovnik family with a long bread-making tradition and he is a passionate connoisseur of the traditional Dubrovnik cuisine. He participates in the section Kinofokus (Cinefocus) in the Association Kinookus.